3.2… Well… So Far…

Patch week!!!! Yippee Skippy!!! Now due to time constraints, deliveries, appointments, and the cosmos conspiring against me, haven’t given me any real time to sit down and test anything seriously.  So without further ado I give you my impressions of 3.2 so far…

Pet Scaling

First off lets look at pet scaling. Yes it has been fixed! Yep for those of you who remember back when 3.2 went up on the PTR, I decided to run some tests on it so see how the scaling was looking. Well, lets just say that not only wasn’t I impressed with the results, I was ticked off. At the time on the live realms my pet wasn’t missing but was getting plenty of dodges and parries, that was expected. The most expertise that your pet could have pre 3.2 was 10 points. My pets weren’t missing any melee attacks, we were both at hit cap. Sushi’s spirit strike was still missing sometimes, since my hit rating didn’t put him at his spell hit cap.
Now on the 3.2 PTR that was supposed to have all changed. IF I was at hit cap, then my pet would be at hit cap, spell hit cap, and expertise cap also. They weren’t.  Oh lord were they ever pooched. Pets were missing far more than they should’ve been, it was as if they weren’t getting any of our hit rating or anything that was supposed to scale with it. The expertise that our pets were getting wasn’t there either, the number of dodges and parries were sky high. It seemed they weren’t getting the expertise from the animal handler talent either. I was afraid very afraid…
Well 3.2 has gone live, and from what I can tell that all of the pet scaling issues I have mentioned so far have been fixed. I have been keeping an eye on recount to see how the scaling is working. All I can say is, I have not seen a sign of the problems I saw on the PTR. I haven’t seen a miss dodge nor parry. Now the resilience change is a different story. I haven’t had a chance to get into any BGs or do any arenas with Wife yet soo…

The Stealth Change

Now every patch has a few undocumented changes. Some big, some not so big. Well hunters had two that I’ve found so. When I was finally able to get logged in on Thursday night, I noticed that half of my action bar was missing… YAY stealth free talent respecs!. You have to love when they do that.Now mind you this happened after the patch went live, so it was on Wednesday or Thursday, so it might have been a late add in after the rolling restarts.
The other stealthy change was a pleasant little boost to our DPS. No, I’m not talking about the  change to cat like reflexes. Its the change to animal handler. Since our pets expertise now scale with out hit rating, the expertise bonus would be kinda useless. So, now with 2 points in Animal handler our pets do 10% more damage with all attacks. That’s a nice chunk of bonus damage, and an excellent way to start bringing our DPS output up to par with marksman and survival. Now all they need to do is make Ferocious Inspiration stack with the buffs that increase attack power….

All in all 3.2 is turning out to be pretty good so far, I want to try running the new instances and There is 1 thing that I need…One thing That I must have….

brk 1000 courtesy of mmo-champion

Thanks again Daniel, You were an inspiration in the game and in the blogosphere. And don’t forget to reload all so you don’t run out of ammo.

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