The Other Half Of The Chunk

Tests, tests, and more tests. That’s right everyone I finished up the 2nd half of the first round of tests. The first thing that I knocked out was getting some answers to my questions about melee hit cap and expertise. I would like to thank one of the best rogues I’ve ever had the honor of raiding with, Rylacus for his help. He clarified what that when at hit cap a melee should never miss, and that parries and dodges will be virtually non-existent when at expertise cap. This time I was testing on the live servers to see just how bad Sushi was doing. I mean with missing over 140 times after shooting 2000 shots…shudder… I was dreading what would happen on the live server. I used the same set up to test on the PTR. Just like the last one I used Dragonhawk and hunter’s mark; 2000 terrorshaft arrows; auto, arcane, aimed and steady shots with serpent sting; and for mana regen I used rapid fire and viper. Lets see how absolutely abysmal Sushi did shall we?

sushi live

Huh? What?? Impossible!! 0 misses, 0 blocks, 5 parries and 58 dodges?!?! That makes no sense what so ever, on the PTR Sushi had 141 misses, 0 blocks, 14 parries and 111 dodges. Pets are supposed to scale up not down in the new patch.  It now looks like absolutely none of our hit rating is going to our pets at all. That’s right 0 zip nada.  When I ran the test on the PTR my miss rate was over 8%, and when I ran it on the live server it was 0%. So far 3.2 isn’t going so smoothly from my view. Pet scaling is totally borked, pooched and broken to the point where it is worse than on live servers. We BM hunters are already seen as a weak link who cant raid, and are sub par to everyone else’s DPS. But, we’re not that bad, we just have to really pay attention to what’s going on around us and our pets. We have a bad rep and the changes that have failed so far are hurting us even more. Come on Blizz this was supposed to be a big boost for us, not a nerf. All I can hope for is that since it’s early in PTR, that this just hasn’t been implemented yet, and this is not how it is supposed to be. If this is how it’s supposed to be, I might have to go survival again >.<. Next week I’ll do more tests on the PTR to see if they cleaned up this mess or at least started to fix it. So until next time, don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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