Badge Of Dishonor

Last night I posted about upcoming changes to hunters in 3.2, however there were other changes of a darker more nefarious nature coming down the pipe also… The changes to Badges. That’s right, every instance that dropped a badge of valor or of heroism is going to drop badges of conquest instead. This change can be seen as a heaven sent, or a massive drop kick to the dangly bits depending on your gear, if you raid, and how much time you put into raiding.

Back in the good old days of BC, Badges were first introduced as rewards from doing heroic 5-mans. The gear you could buy with them was comparable to gear from Kara, and all was right in the world. The badge gear was tuned properly and the badge price was high enough to make you have to work to earn the gear, just like someone raiding did. As everyone progressed farther and farther into BC raiding content Blizz in their infinite wisdom, decided to have the same badges of justice drop off of bosses in Kara. It was around this time they started to add more gear that was around the equivalent of ZA/T5 gear. Well lets just say that at that point everyone and their mother had a Kara farm run set up. It got to the point where badge gear was a joke because anyone could farm it up in no time at all.

Then we entered the Wrath age. Blizz saw how much of a success the badge gear was and they decided to keep it going. Hey great I loved getting the badges, and I had the straw farmer’s hat and pitchfork to prove it. Blizz later confirmed that there would be 2 different kinds of badges. Heroism and valor, heroism for heroic 5-mans and 10-man raids, and valor for 25-man raids. Now we’re talking, those that take on the harder bosses and modes get better rewards, as it should be. BoHs were great for getting beginning gear to work on the 25-mans. It gave you something to work for, and the fact that BoVs could be traded for BoHs was even better. Blizz even went so far as to say that they wanted to keep them separate, and that any new badge gear, that would be the equivalent of a new tier or arena season, would not be able to be purchased with older badges. That statement blew my mind. I couldn’t believe it. Blizz was setting a precedent about farming older content to get the best of new content. This is how it should be. If you don’t want to run the new stuff over and over again to get the badges for extra gear, then you should not have any way to get the gear.

Now I know that last statement makes me sound like an elitist. I’m not, not by a long shot. Duranub raids 2 nights a week for 2.5 hours each night. We are not hard core elitist, we are not a casual raid group either. However, we all worked d@mn hard to get the gear we have and to do what we do, If you think that makes me an elitist then fine I’m an elitist by you. Umm… sorry bout that kinda went on a mini rant in the middle of this rant.

Ok, where was I? Oh that right, 3.1 and Ulduar. Yep 3.1 not only brought us Ulduar, but it also brought us a new tier of gear, and with it new badges to collect. Brand new badges of conquest for 25-mans and BoVs for the 10-mans. New gear and crafting materials that could only be bought with BoCs. This was a good idea, since the BoVs would help people gear up faster for 25-mans. All seemed right in the world, those that that wanted the newest shiniest toys could get them, and those that wanted better gear but couldn’t get enough people together could still get great gear. Everyone seemed happy, or so it seemed.

3.2 is coming. The patch notes have been released. Change is on the way, and not all of it is good. 3.2 is introducing a new badge, the badge of triumph for a new raid zone. Ok that’s fine, it makes sence. Wait, what… it will drop in both 10 and 25 mans? Ok…. that’s umm different. Then I saw it. Blizz has changed their minds again. They were getting rid of BoHs and BoVs. That’s right kids, ANY Wrath instance where you could get badges will now drop BoCs instead. Wait…wait we were told this wouldn’t happen. So let me get this straight I can go and steam roll Violet Hold along with the other heroic 5-mans everyday for BoCs, and Naxx once a week for a metric crap ton of BoCs??? WTF!!! In one days time of me running heroic 5-mans and Naxx I can get more BoCs than I can get in a week of 25-man Ulduars?!?!?! What’s the point in running 25-mans any more then? If I can get the same gear including T8/8.5 gear by running Naxx and Heroics, I have lost one of the things that do motivate me. I am a little bit old school when it comes to gear. I believe that epics should not be handed out like they were candy on Halloween, that’s just wronger than the Boost commercial with the lady who’s pit hair is flapping in the guys face.  Epics should be just that something that takes time and determination to get. Why should I waste all this time and gold and everything else to raid when I can run 5-mans and Naxx instead. Now I understand the developers at Blizz spent a lot of time making new content, and for them to want to have as many people as possible see as much of the content that they worked so hard on. But seriously why the hell should some n00b who can barely run a 5 man heroic be able to get the same gear as someone who has worked to get the badges through raiding?

I guess in a way I am an elitist, but I never really considered myself one. I don’t know, all I know is I just wish Blizz would stick with what they say sometimes, it would make everything so much easier to me. Well until next time, don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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