Thursday In Ulduar As a Marksman

Well another Thursday has come and gone, and it also brings an end to my MM spec test. We went straight to Kolo to start the night off. You know its gonna be a fun night when you wipe before the first pull. All I can say is that load time lag and a a sticky mouse make for a fast and fun wipe. After that the trash all went down smoothly. Kolo gave us a little bit of trouble, but ended up going down smoothly also. Sigh, yet again the gun didn’t drop for me. Onward to the Cat Lady and hopes that she would drop a bow for me. We got the new pull down pat after 2 tries, and then the fun really began.

Hmmmm… ummm yeah, the Feral Defender kinda looks just like my cat… not good, not good at all. See I was still testing BM vs. MM and I only have 2 other pets that I could use. The wasp, who isn’t 80 yet, and Mock my tanky turtle. Well, I guess that brings an end to my testing, time to switch back to BM and switch pets. Back to BM,  and time to let Sushi out to play. So I switched spec and pets to make it easier to tell my pet apart from the Defender, yet STILL it’s not enough. Someone make a comment over vent about Sushi and wants me to put my "VANITY" pet away… VANITY PET? VANITY PET?!?!?!? WTF SUSHI IS NOT A FREAKING VANITY PET!! Luckily before I could say anything, Thalen spoke up and corrected him that I was a BEAST MASTER spec, and no the spirit beast wasn’t my vanity pet, it was a major source of my  DPS. Well she didn’t go down last night, so we ended up shooting over to Razor to try to finish the night out on a positive note…that didn’t go so well either sigh.

Now you’re probably wondering how Thursday went in comparison to last Thursday. Well here we go.

6-11 vs.meters 6-18

All in all I saw an increase in my personal DPS and a decrease in my pets DPS. Wow like that was a shocker heh. However, in the long run the over all difference minimal at best that I noticed. The trade off of not having as much fun as I normally would have for a slight increase definitely wasn’t worth. MM spec requires a certain type of person who is much more diligent and has a longer attention span than I do. Does that make me a bad hunter? Not at all. I’m still in the top 5 for DPS each week and I have fun. I am a dependable hunter who can switch on the fly to whatever is needed of me. So Ego I’m sorry but don’t ever ask me to switch again OK? So until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo

One Response to “Thursday In Ulduar As a Marksman”

  1. Thalen Says:

    So I’m more diligent than you? 😉

    And worry not, we love Sushi. Maybe I can put a symbol on him during that fight and tell people to kill the unmarked kitty?

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