Tuesday 6/16 In Ulduar As A Marksmen Spec

First off yes I know I’m late with the Tuesday post again, what can I say. I took Wife to an auction on Tuesday and Wednesday and just now had a chance to sit down and right this up. Well another Tuesday has past and well it didn’t go quiet as well as planned. FL was cake (still haven’t been able to finish 3 car garage though).  Then it was off to XT. We had a little bit of trouble with a bad pull the first time. The second time went smoothly and XT went down. Lucky me, I ended up with a new not so ugly stick.


From there we went on to Kologarn. Now that didn’t go so well at all. We were short on healing, and we really felt it during that fight, and stopped after 2 tries. After that we decided to hit up Razor instead. Sigh once again the fact that we were low on healers caused us problems. Yes, Razor won that night, despite our best efforts. The raid leaders then decided to call it at night early as we had several people who had to go, including a healer. So the progress push night didn’t go so smoothly at all. It seems our biggest issue is getting consistent players.

First Night As A Marksman Spec

Let me say that I really don’t like Ego. I haven’t been really impressed with MM so far. Yes my personal DPS has gone up. My total DPS so far, well not by much if at all. Here let me show you what I mean.

 meters6=6 vs. WoWScrnShot_061609_234011

The meters on the left were from June 9th. The meters on the right? June 16th. Yep, 200 less DPS and a spot down on the meters. There really isn’t that much of difference in how it feels to me. I’m still using 3 shots in rotation (arcane, aimed and steady for BM vs. arcane, aimed and chimera for MM), with steady being a 4th if I have time in between the others. The timing is a little bit different, I start out with chimera after I put up serpent sting instead of arcane as my opening shot. My RAP and crit have both gone up, but well just look. I’m not doing anything more damage, if anything I’m doing less damage. Ego isn’t very happy about this, and Heart is smiling smugly. I’ll be honest also, I am most definitely not having a good like like I was as a BM hunter. So far it seems that the MM spec is going to be dumped after tonight if I don’t see a huge improvement over last Thursday night. Well it’s getting late and the raid is going to be starting soon, so until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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