Down A Dark Path

…I’m sorry Sushi. Ego took control the other day and made me switch my off spec to… to… marksman… What can I say, I know I haven’t been topping the charts as a BM hunter. It’s been a very long time since I came in on top, and I kinda miss those days. I think Thursday was my best performance in a long time coming in at 3rd over all for the night. But then I look at the top of the meters and I see our MM hunter Thalen and how he has crushed everyone. Heart saw this and said…

Whatever we have Sushi and we’re fine with that. we beat out almost everyone else and did a good sized chunk of the total damage.

Then Ego sees the meters…

WTH???? ALMOST 900 DPS BEHIND THALEN??? Not good enough. You should be crushing them all. Only 3690 DPS against his 4597 DPS? You should be ashamed of that. OMG are you still using Sushi instead of Devilicious? We all know devilsaurs have a higher dps that spirit beasts… Why aren’t you using the spec de jour? You know Marksman? HANG UP YOUR BOW AND GO PLAY A DK INSTEAD LAWLZ.

I know Ego can be a brutal bastich at times, but he can also be helpful in pushing me to strive harder and and being a better player. So Ego, I yield to you this week.

That’s right I’m going to go Marksman for the raids this week. Now this is gonna be a real test as we are going straight for the crazy cat lady and are skipping all optional bosses. So I have until Tuesday to get the hang of playing a MM hunter. Also I need to decide on what pet I’m going to be using. Currently I have a lvl 80 cat and a lvl 78 wasp in the stable that I could use with my MM spec. I’m hesitant about getting rid of the wasp since you cant tame her anymore. So that leaves the cat. Now the big pet question is do I keep the cat or do I get a wolf? If I get a wolf do I go for a high lvl skinny worg type, that takes little to no time to level up, or do I go for an armored one from Ramparts and start busting hump to get him to 80 ASAP. If I stay with the cat I don’t have to worry about leveling it at all, which means I can concentrate more on learning to play MM faster which is gonna be a huge bonus. On the other hand, with the wolf I would gain a nice AP buff that will increase mine and my pets DPS. Ugh, I hate decisions.

What is my spec going to be like you’re probably wondering. Well I’m going with a 13/51/7 spec based on what I’ve seen other MM hunters using, and what we have in our current raid. The 7 points that I spent in survival were to raise my damage by 5% on all non-mechanical mobs, and to increase my crit chance with special shots by 4%. Over all both of these are a nice little boost to my base dps. The 13 points in beast mastery cover a wide area that will boost my haste, aspects and my pet. All 13 points are ones that I have in my current BM raiding build. The 51 points in Marksman are scattered throughout based upon what I’ve seen others use, what I like, and what I know Thalen has. That last part is why you won’t see true shot aura in build, I know Thalen has it already. Now I know this is kinda shaky, but well… deal with it, this is for a test to satisfy that bastich Ego… and my own curiosity.

How will this week work out, I think it’s going to go 1 of 2 ways. Either I crush the meters and end up on top both nights or I create a fail of epic proportions heh. Either way it’s going to be fun to try something new and spice up the farmed content in Ulduar. Who knows, if I end up liking it, I just might keep this as a permanent off spec and drop the pet tanking spec. If I go that route, I think I would let Mock free and get either  the wolf or cat depending on what I ended up not getting for this test. So wish me luck guys and just remember to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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