Thursday In Ulduar

Thursday night has come and gone again in the blink of an eye. We were off to a late start last night, we were trying to scrape together the last 2 people to fill out our raid. Bel then asked asked me what Wife was doing and if she wanted to come along. Well, Wife ended up being our lucky number 25 for the night. Now Wife’s gear isn’t the best in the world, but she does the best with what she has. We went straight to Kologarn to start the night off. It was a bit of a rocky start as we tried a couple of new things and showed a few people how the fight went. On our fourth try we downed him nice and easy. He dropped his box and inside the box it dropped. That’s right Giant’s Bane. It’s was a nice upgrade for me, using Arrowsong, and a huge upgrade for Wife, using Nesingwary 4000. Sigh… I know Wife has been chomping at the bit to start getting better gear so she can raise her DPS so she can get more invites, and I was hoping that it would drop. What can I say, I buckled and let Wife win it. Now I want you to know I didn’t let it go for a low bid, I knew how much DKP she had, so I got Wife into a bidding war :). Now if my wonderful luck holds out like it has been, I will NEVER see that gun drop again >.<. Its going to be just like the Bandit’s Insignia and never ever drop again LOL. All I have to say is GRATZ Kiddo enjoy the gun!!

Short Night

From there we trotted on over to the Assembly of Iron. Once again it only took us one try to finish them off. Unlike last week, we had a rougher time of it, and almost had to wipe at one point. Luckily our druid’s battle rez came off of its cool down after Bel died and Euron picked the boss back up. We were able to get Bel back up and Runemaster Molgeim back on him with out much difficulty. We finished off the last 2 members of the council and the loot was split. At this point the raid council made a decision to call it a night about 30 minutes early. We didn’t have enough left to make any decent attempts against her after we finished trash to really work on the crazy cat lady. However next week will be a different story. Next week we are driving straight to her. That’s right, no Razor, no Ignis, no Assembly. Just FL, XT, Kologarn and then the crazy cat lady for the rest of the week. How did I do this week? Better than last just take a peak below. So, until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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