Tuesday in Ulduar

I know this is late guys sorry bout that, it’s been a busy week and this is the first time since Tuesday night I’ve had to sit down and write. Flame Leviathan went down easy again and I almost finished up the 3 Car Garage achievement. Next was XT, and he went down in one try. From there we back tracked to Razor and took her down. From here we headed over to Iggy and the crotch pocket to try out a new strategy against him. Well it didn’t go so well against him. We spent the rest of the night wiping on him. All I can say is I don’t like him at all lol. After all was said and done I came in at number 4 in damage.


A New Friend

After we were done for the, I went and got a new friend to follow me around, the Mnt Dew Battle Bot. He was my 75th pet which also got me the salt lick. When all was said an done, I had finished 3 more achievements that night.

3 ach

Well we head back to Ulduar tonight so wish us luck, and remember to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.

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