Pistol Power

Over the weekend I had a chance to hit the official WoW hunter forums and poke around a little. I found a thread started by Eyonix about things you would like to see fixed for hunters. If you get a chance I would highly recommend you swing by and take a peak. Oh and don’t worry after going through about 8 or 9 pages, there wasn’t a troll to be seen, just one whiney dwarf who hates freedom and the idea of a beast mater hunter. Most of the posts had similar ideas, questions, comments, concerns and suggestions. Now as I was skimming through I saw one that really caught my attention…duel wielded pistols.



  • Also can you please introduce pistols ? No dead zone but a shorter max range as well. Dual wield. Each shot does half the damage but we shoot twice as fast.
    And holsters.
    And a cowboy hat.
    And ***less chaps.
    I am serious about the pistols though.

That’s right you heard me kids a new kind of ranged combat duel wielded pistols. The OP had some fun with the idea and brought up some good points on it. No minimum range, but half the max range and half the damage but a very fast shot speed. I read this and immediately my mind started to fill with images of me running into battle with Sushi beside me slashing away… Would this work? Could this work? I don’t know, but I think it would add a new and exciting aspect to playing a hunter that would change how both PvE and PvP would play. The one downside that I can see right off of the bat is with a higher rate of fire, ammo costs would go through the roof. Ammo price would be a small price to pay for a brace of pistols to blaze away with…

Oh and one more thing, I would like to thank Inscrutibob for letting me know that my email link was broken and also for the ideas that he suggested. Thanks again man. 🙂 So until next time take care and  don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.

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