Thursday 6/4 In Ulduar

Well another week of Duranub raiding has come and gone. What can I say other than it was a great week! We were fun of win and awesome and did a major 180 from the last week or so. The only bad thing that happened this week was the nefarious "Bunny"  incident.
Thursday we did the Assembly of Iron for the first time. Our first try went better than planned, and we got Steelbreaker down to 70%. We had a bad pull on our 2nd attempt that resulted in a  very fast wipe. Our third try ended badly when we had a series of poorly placed death runes. then the magical 4th try happened. It clicked and it could not have gone down easier than if we were raiding MC. Needless to say we had our first Assembly kill and got another achievement.


With over an hour to go, we decided to have a go at the crazy cat lady. Now at first I hated the giant jumping beans, but since then I’ve decided that they aren’t that bad really. In fact, I would call them pussycats in comparison to the bouncing ball boys before her. Once we got them down, we started getting ready to pull the crazy cat lady.  The pull and positioning for her are… well painful to say the least. We are using the DK DnD pull method to LoS around the corner to us. Since everyone is crammed in a small area, with our backs pressed to a wall, it brings the sentinels into my dead zone very fast, and this sucks majorly. My DPS dropped like a rock as I was too busy swinging the ugly stick to shoot anything. In the end we tried 4 times and didn’t get more than 3 sentinels down.
All in all though I wont complain, we had a great week with lots of drops and I’ve been moving up the meters also. So until next time, don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.



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