Pet Scaling

Pet scaling. That’s right you heard me. PET SCALING! GC has confirmed that Blizz is in the process of reworking how our wonderful lil balls of fuzz, scales, chitin, and claws, teeth, and stingers benefit from us. Happy fun times as we try to figure out what to stack and what to skimp on.


We think it’s probably time to let pets scale, to some extent, with resilience and spell pen.

The way pets scale from the master’s stats was implemented (on our side) in a slightly clunky way which made it difficult to add additional stats. In BC, it took some effort to kill a pet so it wasn’t a burning problem for us. In LK, we have bumped up pet health a few times, but we are thinking now that the balance will never work right without some crit mitigation. Pets will never scale right with gear as long as the master improves in ways that don’t benefit the pet.

We have a new way to let pets scale, and assuming it works, we should be able to give the pets scale with all relevant stats from the master, from hit to haste to crit. Some things will need to scale at 100%, since it’s silly to have your pet inherit part of your +hit.

No promises until you actually see it live, but that’s what we are thinking at the moment

I think that the new pet scaling is gonna end up being one of those love/hate relationships. GC has already mentioned Hit,Crit, and Haste in his post. One stat that hasn’t been mentioned yet is expertise. Now as BM specced hunter I’m kinda annoyed that this hasn’t been mentioned, but we’ll get to that later. Now lets take a look at some of the different stats and how they will affect us and the fuzz balls.

HIT aka A Swing and a Miss

Hit rating. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about how important this stat is. We need to add 8% to our base hit chance to get to never miss any shots. Now this can be done through gear, gems and enchants, and talents. Now not only does a high hit rating help us, it helps our pets also. At one point hit bonuses from talents were not passed to the pet. Why was this a  bad thing you might ask? If you have any points in focused aim to increase yours and your pet’s hit rating, it was only helping you. However, that changed earlier this year and now focused aim’s hit bonus is shared with your pet. The next issue that comes along with hit bonuses, is it isn’t the hit rating that gets shared but the hit percent. Now when that percent is passed off to your pet its rounded DOWN to the nearest whole percent. That’s right, down not up not kept but rounded down. Now lets say you have a 6.85% hit bonus. Your lil friend is gonna only get 6%, and lose almost a whole percent of hit. Now that .85% is a big drop for us, but its even bigger for our pets, as melee attacks need a higher “to hit” bonus than ranged attacks do. What I hope will happen with hit and the new pet scaling is that either the hit rating itself, or the entire hit bonus percentage. IF they end up having either the hit cap scale 100% or bring the entire hit bonus percent  to our pets it could be a huge increase to the pets and our own dps.

CRIT aka The Big Owie

Everyone loves to crit right? As a BM hunter I really love to crit. More crit means more kill commands means higher dps. Now crit percent plays an even bigger part in my pets dps. When my pet crits, it can cause 2 kinds of procs. He can proc ferocious inspiration or frenzy or both. Now with 3 points in FI,  my pets crits will increase all damage by 9% for 10 seconds. With 3/5 in Frenzy Sushi has a 60% to increase her attack speed by 30% for 8 seconds. Now think about that for a moment…let that sink in…yes…now you see the beauty of pets critting…AND THE NEVER ENDING CYCLE OF CLAWY FUZZY BUZZ SAW OF FANGED DOOM SLICING THROUGH YOUR ENEMIES MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ummmm… sorry about that now where was I? Oh yeah talking about crit scaling. Ok so as you can see the more crit the pet gets from me, the bigger the dps boost I get in return.

HASTE aka Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!

Speed kills, the faster the deader.  haste is great for us and even better for Sushi. The faster she swings, the more likely she is to crit… the more she crits… the better the chance to gain frenzy…and increase her attack speed… which means more attacks…which means she’s more likely to crit…umm yeah this sounds kinda familiar. Haste is nice dps boost to our auto shot, but its a bigger dps boost to our pets when its combined with other talents and stats.

EXPERTISE aka Stand Still So I Can Hit You More

Now with the stats above scaling, they forgot one that would be another boost to our dps, expertise. Now I know what you’re thinking rogues druids, and shammies, “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FREAKING MIND?!?!” Well…no… at least not yet… ya see a little bit of expertise would go a long way. I know BM gets a talent that gives our pets 10 expertise, and I know that helps to decrease the amounts of dodges and parries by a bit. Now depending on whether its the percent or the rating that scales to the pet will really depend on how much emphasis I would actually put on getting any expertise, and if I do, what would I have to give up to get the most out of it, and what would I loose in in the process.

Now I know that there are other stats such as resilience, spell penetration, dodge, and defense. Most are more situational in use, so I’m not really that worried about them. Most of these other ones are more pvp orientated, and seeing as I loathe to pvp I’m not going to sweat them that much. So it would seem that pet scaling is going to be a good thing and depending on how its done, it could be a great thing. Well until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.

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