Tuesday 6/2 In Ulduar

I know, I’m a little late with this. Yesterday was a busy day of running and I just now had a chance to sit down and start typing. Today I’m gonna be talking about a few things besides the usual review of Tuesday. Well another Duranub Tuesday has come and gone. Flame Leviathan went down smoothly, and have two of the three vehicles down for the three car garage achievement. I drove a demolisher for the first time time last night, and it’s definitely a lot different than the choppers. From there it was off to XT again and a new strategy. Did you know that if you fight XT between the 2 scrap piles on the left, bots don’t spawn from those 2 piles; and the bots that do spawn all take forever and a day to get there? Neither did I until Tuesday heh. XT… XT is one of those fight where when things go right, they go right.  However, when people get an itchy DPS finger and decide to attack before Bel has agro or when XT is in position. That not so good situation happened twice last night before we had the new pull strategy down pat. Once we had that figured out, it was all over bar the bidding of DKP. Here comes the badge of conquest and also a new pair of boots for me 🙂


We also tried a new way to fight the giant jumping bean where we spread out instead of clump up, and low and behold we all lived. =) Kologarn, Definitely my favorite fight in Ulduar and the most fun boss fight so far. It took us 4 tries last night, but we did it, but more on the tries in a few. We downed our first oversized statue.

kol down


Now we in Duranub like to have a good time when we raid, but we also know when boss pullz r seris bizness. When its time to pull we usually have our act together and are ready to go. However, last night we had someone who, for some bizarrely idiotic reason decided to turn Bel into a rabbit as he was running in… Now when you’re a rabbit you can’t do ANYTHING BESIDES FREAKING AUTOATTACK!!!! And if you guessed we wiped on that pull…well you’d be right. I enjoy a good joke as good as the next guy but come on, when we’re pulling a boss that we’re still haven’t downed yet please… Please… PLEASE DON’T BE A JACKASS!! Now if you don’t mind paying for my repairs, and the rest of the raid’s repairs, then by all means have a go. However, if you have any brains about where and when to prank someone, and know that right before a pull on a boss we haven’t killed yet is not the right time and or place, then please by all means prank away. 😉

Oh and if you’re wondering how I did on Tuesday, here ya go and until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.



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