Sushi Hold The Wasabi

I am a hunter. One of the reasons I choose to play a hunter was I loved the idea of playing a “pet” class, and the dynamic of how the player and the pet interact. I leveled to 60 with a beast mastery spec, and then I stared to raid. Now back in the day of vanilla WoW pets were buggy and seen as a major liability in any raid sort of being used as a disposable pulling device in some fights. Because of this, A beast mastery spec wasn’t ideal for raiding and was generally frowned upon. Back then most hunters were either a full marksman spec or a hybrid survival/marksman spec, and I followed that path (choosing the classic 0/21/30 build). Come to think of it, the only time i can really think of when we were not only encouraged to, but were told to pull out our pets was during the first phase of Nef with the adds at the beginning of the fight. It was kinda sad that a major mechanic of the hunter class was discarded so quickly, but to see the end game contend we did what we had to do.

Then it happened patch 2.0 came out for BC and suddenly beast mastery went from a joke to a viable, respected (and some would say over powered) spec for raiding. The combination of serpents swiftness and steady shot spam macros was over powering. BM became the main raid spec and pets were no longer considered a liability in raids. With the new beast types that could be trained along with talents like Ferocious Inspiration made them a major boost to not only the hunter’s dps but also to his party’s dps, and lets face it when it stack from  several hunters in the party that was a very sweet dps boost .:) The other talent trees had nowhere near the dps potential of BM. Marksman’s biggest draw preBC was true shot aura, however the boost from it wasn’t enough to make it worth it any more. It offered a set attack power boost that was minimal at best. Survival’s 41 talent point, trap mastery was a joke (it eventually was moved to a tier 2 talent in a later patch).

The next big boost to BM came in 3.0 when we all were getting ready for Wrath. What can I say, I saw the new 51 talent in BM and almost dropped a load in shorts that day. Beast Mastery exotic pets… I could finally get my core hound that I wanted since waaaaayyyy back in MC. I could not have been happier about this. That night, Wife, my oldest daughter, myself and about 5 of my daughters friends stormed MC and a lot of us got core hounds for pets. I loved it at first. Probably my favorite part of having a core hound was the graphic bug that happened a lot. It would show up at its normal pre-tamed size… =) The look on peoples faces was always priceless, land at the griffin master and suddenly there was a 20 foot high 2 headed, lava dripping dog right behind you. However, my love of the core hound died fairly fast. I absolutely loathed how they would go after enemies if you had lava breath turned on. the stutter step ended up not being worth it, so even after I had gotten him to 70 I ended up stabling him and getting something bigger…and stompierer…

A devilsaur…


So off i ran to good old Ungor Crater…. middle of no mans land Ungor Crater…all the out past BFE. Now came the fun part, trying to pick which colored devilsaur I wanted. Even though I really liked how the white one looked with the pink eyes, I Finally choose the black one with the bright blue eyes that conveyed a scene of innocence … ALL THE BETTER TO NOM YOU WITH!!! Devilicious was it’s name and being stompy and toothy was its game. Devilsaurs are great pet, I wont lie to you, if I had never gotten my  Sushi (my spirit beast) you would still see me running around with the big blue eyed baby. Devilicious stayed with me all the way from 70-80 and was there when I started on Naxx also much to the sorrow of my fellow raiders’ ears.


Then it happened I got bit by that bug that compels you to do keep doing something until you get it or you are left weeping on the floor like a 4 year old brat having a break down that makes Veruca look like a quiet whimper. Loque’nahak the spirit beast. When I had hit 76 I tossed around the idea of getting Loq as a pet but never finished it, I was too busy getting to 80. I spent every night looking for him. On my days off I spent all night looking for him. I had a set pattern that I would fly, and I knew the best times to look for him, for 10 minutes every half hour starting on the hour. For 6 weeks I didn’t see hide nor hair of him. I was getting on everyone’s nerves about this, the guild was getting tired of hearing me grumbling about being on a wild goose chase and the Wife would just shake her head at me when she would see me doing laps around Sholzara Basin. I was about to drop either enchanting or alchemy to take up skinning I was spending so time there. Week 7 came and I got my first sighting, unfortunately it was Loq’s corpse rotting on the ground.  I let out a curse so loud that Wife came running to see if I was ok. I finally stopped cursing at the screen long enough to point and explain the source of my anguish. Wife just looked at me, shook her head and told me not to yell like that and try to give her a heart attack again or else. 😦 For the rest of the week I had no luck, just flying circles and getting more and more certain that I was on a snipe hunt of the worst kind because I couldn’t stop flying around looking for the d@mn thing. Then it happened on the 8th week at 5:05 am it happened. I had just passed one of the spawn points and was hitting my auto target macro and there he was. I quickly turned around, landed and dropped a trap to start the training process. I went to fire arcane shot and hit serpent sting by mistake NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!! Bad DOT, quit ticking on my spirit beast grumble grumble, feign death and wait for trap cool down to finish. Now the last few seconds of this were the most miserable time trying to get him, waiting for my trap to come back up and praying that no other hunter had seen him yet. Great, trap down check, finger nowhere serpent sting check, firing…Loq leaps… hits the trap… gets frozen…taming…taming…taming and LOQ IS MINE!!!! At that point, I think I had gotten up and started to do a happy dance. Wife and the guild both were very happy, not because I finally got the lil bugger, BUT because they would never have to hear me complain about camping this horrible spawn timer again. ^>.<^. A name, I needed a name for her now… I spent about 15 minutes thinking of names and was drawing a blank. Then one of my cats, Sushi, jumped up on my lap looking for a scratch behind the ears. When I looked down I realized that the blue of Loq’s eyes was close to my cat’s eyes… EURIKA SUSHI!!!! That’s what I would name her Sushi.

Two Pets Enter… One Pet Leaves…

Now I know I had 2 different level 80 exotic pets to raid with. The problem was I knew I was going to have was that Devilicious’s DPS was going to be higher than Sushi’s, even though there melee and bite/claw BASE damage are similar. The big difference comes from their special attacks, monstrous bite and spirit strike. Lets compare them shall we? Monsterous Bite does some damage, but the main purpose is the buff it provides Devilicous. The buff increases his damage by 3% and it can stack up to 3 times. what this means is that on longer fights he’s going to have the buff up most of the time increasing his damage by up to 9% with proper focus management. Now Sushi’s special is Spirit Strike. Spirit Strike’s damage is two fold, it hit the target for initial damage. Then after 7 seconds it, for lack of a better word, detonates for more damage. It’s nice, it’s fun but it has a much higher chance of missing or being resisted, and if the first hit misses/ is resisted then the 2nd half never goes off. This miss results in a huge drop in DPS for my pet which lowers my DPS.

WoWScrnShot_060109_232313 VS. WoWScrnShot_060109_232428

Now this really put me in a bad spot that had me torn for a long time. You see in my heart I’m a beast master hunter who loves having that “awesome” pet that makes people whisper me where did u get that pet?!?!? I love how Sushi is animated in game, be it moving or idle. I love having this huge buffed up pet that can pour out the damage even though it’s not the best at it. I just REALLY like the spirit beast. But, then ego comes in and says his  share. He knows that the DPS from Devilicous is higher than from Sushi. He demands that I forget about how much I worked to get Sushi and stick with the pet that puts out the highest DPS. Ego wants to get to the top of the damage meters and crush everyone else in Duranub. So this leaves me in the middle of an internal power struggle. Do I follow my heart or my ego? Its not an easy choice. In the end, I decide to compromise. I am raiding with Sushi, and heart is happy. I am using extra consumables to buff myself and my pet which makes satisfies ego.

So I guess I can’t complain really, I mean if the hardest part of mine night is figuring out which pet to bring then I’m guess I’m getting off pretty easy. Take care guys.

One Response to “Sushi Hold The Wasabi”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Grats on Sushi, and welcome to the blog world. I spent a good two months hunting mine, and for a long time wouldn’t even take a different pet out farming with me. IMO he’s just the most gorgeous pet in the game. =)

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