Thursday 5/28 in Ulduar

Well its been a rough week here at Duranub the amount of wipes and time i spent face tanking have taken me back to the good old days of smacking my face against Vael heh. But what can I say, I must be a glutton for punishment because I LOVED the Vael fight and I’m loving the progression fights and the wipes, the frustrations, the “lets try this this time” mentality, and the sweet sweet rush of jubilence of finally downing a boss for the first time… Some of my greatest memories in game were when we would first down a new boss, especially if it was a boss we had been working on for a while and having trouble with. When NSR first downed Nef in BWL, I remember how for a second there was a stunned silence then everyone shouting and cheering over vent about it.

I have a confession to make, farmed content bores the ever loving life out of me. I have a harder time making myself go on a night when its going to be the same old thing raid after raid. One of the things that I hated about Naxx so much was the fact that it was so easy and well… boring. There was little or no challenge to it and once you did it and learned all of the patterns and tricks it was possible to sleep walk through it. I mean the hardest thing in Naxx was watching out the polarity shift. You see the thing is I have a short attention span… a VERY short attention span. If the fight isn’t something that i can just face roll through without paying anything more than the very least amount of attention, then i have to watch out for that piece of tin foil on my desk because I’m sure that I will find something much more interesting in the foil than in the fight. Bel, I’m sure this is going to make you a sad panda and think that I hate freedom, but I would much rather spend the night wiping over and over again learning a new fight than just doing the same old farmed content that I could bring in a way under geared alt into.

OK now where was I, oh yeah Thursday night in Ulduar. Well after fun we had with XT-002 on Tuesday, we decided to have a warm up boss killing with Razor Scale. Ummm yeah we got warmed….so did the guards there…and the floor…with us… Well to make a long story short it took us 3 times to finally down Razor. There was some grumbling and murmuring about it taking 3 tries to down a boss that we did in one try the last few times, but a win is a win I say. On the bright side I did end up getting a bright and shiny new pair of pants.


Now I would just like to say that the jumping giants and there bouncing balls have made my list of most annoying trash. The roar sucks, the Super Mario Bros. impersonation is ummm hard on the neck and back… but that d@mn ball that he lets loose… three tries to kill two of them and each time i ended up tanking the floor lol. Kologarn is a blast, nuff said. its a frantic fun fight that you have to stay focused on. Between the eye beams, the sweeping arm, the adds being scoped up and tossed across the room and switching targets, I was a very happy hunter. We didn’t down him last night, but we got him down to ten percent. Not to Shabby for our first night going after the big guy.

All in all the week started to shape up on Thursday after a bad night on Tuesday. We are still struggling, and at times it feels like we aren’t making any progress. On nights like the ones we’ve had recently, it really feels like we’ve been smacking our heads against a brick wall. It’s kind of painful at times but with enough people bashing their collective heads against that brick wall we can smash that wall like it was rice paper, and if there’s one thing that we are is a durable bunch of nubs….


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