Tuesday 5/26 in Ulduar

Well another Tuesday in Ulduar has come and gone for Duranub and it was a little on the rough side. We one shot Flame Leviathan without much difficulty and got another achievement down.



Then the fun really began. XT-002 Deconstructor. I ended up being the puller as our main puller wasn’t there. Everything started out great, the pull went off fine, he was positioned fine, everyone went to their places… then we some how pulled the Super Secret Boss… Lag Beast… Ugh. Now we have downed XT several times already and one shot him last week which i guess is why this week it sucked so badly, it took us almost all night to down her. The wipes were bad and tempers started flaring. Lag Beast kept agrroing one of our shamans whenever he would get hit with Light Bombs causing him to just stand there for several seconds before he would move. Now I know this wasn’t is fault and eventually he found out that his copy of Deadly Boss Mods was corrupted and he was able to fix the problem.

Now if that would have been the only problem we would have been fine after just a few wipes, but it wasn’t. The other big issue that it seems we were having, and  its not the first time either, is situational awareness. Now I know I’m not the best hunter out there, and I know I’ve been distracted by bright shiny objects before and I will be again, but come on it gets ridiculous  when it keeps happening over and over again. So we tried a few different ideas including clumping up in one group… well that ended very fast heh. Finally we did down XT after much pain and suffering. How did I do on Tuesday you might ask, well not too good actually between being the roving bomb squad and all the wipes…

  recount 528

Well tonight is our next raid and we’re off to try Kologarn next. Until next time guys.


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